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3 Steps to Follow When Your Kid Messes Up

Teachable Moments

  3 Steps to Follow When Your Kid Messes Up Rhonda Stoppe asks, “What do you do when your kid messes up? Do you jump into a rant of, I knew you were going to do something like that. How could you be so stupid? Or do you look at your child’s infraction as a […]

3 MINUTE THURSDAY-FAVORITISM-Why Can’t You Be Like Your Brother?

How Can I Mom Learn to Love Each of Her Kids Equally?

3 MINUTE THURSDAY: FAVORITISM-’Why Can’t You Be Like Your Brother?” Rhonda Stoppe Asks Moms, “Have you ever said, “WHY CAN’T YOU BE MORE LIKE YOUR BROTHER?’” Playing favorites is a sure way to cause division between your children. Don’t wait until your kids are grown to learn how to create harmony in your home. In […]


Live So Your Kids Want to Know Christ

Moms: 3 Steps to Living in a Way Your Kids Will Want to Follow Christ Moms ask me all the time, How can I get my son to want to follow Christ? My answer? You cannot coerce, manipulate, or even reward your son enough to make him want to live in full abandon to Christ. […]

Teachable Moments Come in Times of Trouble

No Regrets Woman

You’re not trying to raise perfect kids but kids who know how to recover from their mistakes! I remember what a great relief I experienced when I learned I didn’t have to raise perfect children. No longer did I feel it was my job to keep my kids from ever doing anything wrong, or keep […]

Did Becoming a Mom Give You a Glimpse of God’s Love for You?

How Vast Beyond All Measure

  Did Becoming a Mom Give You a Glimpse of God’s Love for You? My love for my children and grandchildren have given me insight into the tremendous love God has for me. And just like my kids were never able to understand how deeply I love for them until they had kids of their own, […]