No Regrets Woman

Rhonda Stoppe

Best Selling Christian Author, Speaker & Podcast Host. Rhonda has helped thousands of women build a no regrets life! With over 30 years experience as a pastor’s wife, mom coach, marriage mentor, homeschool keynote, Grandparenting Coalition Contributor, mother of four–and grandmother of 15

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“I could have listened to Rhonda talk all night,” 

is what listeners say.


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“I could have listened to Rhonda talk all night” is what audiences are saying about Rhonda’s enthusiastic, genuine, humorous and transparent style of teaching that is grounded in sound doctrine.

A New Podcast with Rhonda Stoppe

Old Ladies Know Stuff –– They really do!

And we are here to teach you all-the-things! If the secret to a life-well-lived comes through godly mentors, then let’s listen together to world changers who are impacting our world with their message!No matter your age or stage of life please come LAUGH with us, CRY with us, CELEBRATE with us while learning insights from women who’ve walked the path ahead of you. In this fun and engaging show join Rhonda and friends offer: practical help- real stories- biblical insights to help you build a life without regrets.

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Rhonda is a frequent guest on podcasts and shows all over the US. Watch some of her recent appearances below.

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The Marriage Mentor

Real Life Romance

If My Husband Would Change...

Moms Raising Sons to be Men

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What if you had a Mom Coach to help you become the mom you long to be? That’s what you’ll find in this Author Video Series with Rhonda Stoppe. For more connection – join our Moms Raising Sons Book Clug FB Group to meet with Rhonda and watch these videos together! Share with your friends. Host a book club & watch together.

What if you had a personal marriage mentor to help you become the couple you long to be? Steve & Rhonda are those mentors–with more than 30 years experience. “But I’m not a reader.” The Stoppe’s get it. That’s why they produced these FREE, organic, transparent & entertaining marriage-help videos. Watch with your spouse. Share with your friends. Host a book club & watch together.

Parenting Prodigals?

My friend, I know you’re in a tough place. This video is here your encouragement. You’re not alone.

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Recent video of Rhonda speaking at a women’s event. Enjoy!

LET’S TALK ABOUT SONS & DATING! On this POPULAR GuestCast episode: BoyMom Podcast Host Monica Swanson & Rhonda Stoppe discuss Sons & Dating. Today’s episode is packed with great insights where we talk about helping our sons navigate relationships, dating, s*x, and finding a spouse. This power packed episode first aired: BoyMom Podcast

Chapter Titles:

  • Having the Talk (10:37)
  • Help Them Discern (19:04)
  • To Date or Not to Date? (25:37)
  • Give Them The Why (26:47)
  • Hope for Single Moms (28:20)
  • Old Ladies Know Stuff (29:21)
  • Group Dating & High School Sweethearts (39:25)
  • How Far is Too Far? (41:59)
  • Help Them Set Boundaries (42:49)
  • Appeal to the Man He will Become (48:36)
  • Talk Openly with Them (52:30)


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