10. He Became the Answer to Their Prayers

Think about it: the people in Billy’s small farming community came together to regularly ask God to raise someone up out of their midst who would preach the gospel to the whole world. Billy had no idea he would be that man. He was just a normal boy who loved baseball, dressing well, and many of the other things any young man his age would have enjoyed. But when God got a hold of Billy’s heart, there was no stopping this man’s zeal for proclaiming the gospel!

If God uses ordinary men to do extraordinary things––can you believe He will accomplish His plan and purposes through your life, too? What might God do through your children if you commit to pray and guide them like Billy’s parents did? When Billy went forward at revival to surrender to Christ, he was nervous about what wholehearted devotion would mean for his future. In the same way, only God knows what He has planned to do through your life before the foundations of this world (see Ephesians 2:8-10). Will you surrender? I am confident that if you do, you will one day look back at a life well lived––and you will have no regrets.

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