10 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong if You Have NO FRIENDS at Church. Do you long for friends at church? Consider these points:
1. Do you engage?
Body language is crucial to make others feel comfortable to approach you. While it is tempting to pull out your phone to avoid feeling awkward, your eyes glued to your screen will tell others you’re not interested in building friendships at church.

2.Are you easily offended?
If you are one who is easily offended don’t be surprised if people avoid getting too close for fear they’ll hurt your feelings. Consider how holding onto an offense will divide you from others.

3. Do you get involved?
If you look longingly at a group whose hearts seem to be knit tightly together I’ll bet those people are the core group of volunteers in your church. Serving alongside of others is the best way for God to knit your hearts together. So, ask God to show you where He would have you serve.

4. Can you be trusted?
Do you lose your temper and unleash harsh words upon others? Once you’ve done this to someone don’t be surprised if they pull away in fear that it may happen again.
Are you known for revealing other’s secrets, or are you one who loves a good piece of gossip? Proverbs 20:19 instructs: “Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets, therefore do not associate with a simple babbler.”
Is it possible people in church avoid you because they are not wanting to get drawn into the sinful act of gossip?

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