3 MINUTE THURSDAY HOW CAN A MOM TEACH HER ADOLESCENT SON A GOOD WORK ETHIC? Rhonda Stoppe answers the question in this short

3 Minute Thursday video.

When my son was in Junior High I had to re-think the way I assigned tasks to my #adolescent #son.

Has this happened to you? One day did your son goes toe-to-toe with you over  the chores he had been doing for years? Almost without warning, my son Brandon set his jaw and became frustrated with me whenever I would remind him to do his household tasks.

It quickly became apparent, I had to learn a different way of interacting with my son as he became a man. I had to learn to “HAND HIM HIS MANHOOD”.

In this short 3 MINUTE THURSDAY Video  Moms of adolescent boys will learn practical steps to teaching your adolescent son to have a good work ethic, without having him fight you tooth and nail!

Moms Raising Sons To Be Men

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