“When Brandon was in kindergarten he participated in his first “performance” in a school Christmas program. I made sure to sit in the front row to help my shy little boy find the courage to sing his part in the play. When he finished a particularly difficult song, Brandon looked into the audience, found my face, and winked at his momma, who was applauding wildly.

You can imagine how my heart melted at his precious gesture. Over the years, I have had many additional opportunities to sit in the audience while my son performs. Whenever I am able to attend, I make sure to find a place in the front row. Even as an adult, there are times when Brandon has looked out from the stage, made eye contact with me, and winked. Each time, I think back to the little five-year-old in his red cardigan sweater, nervously singing in the school Christmas program.” (Excerpt from Moms Raising Sons to Be Men)

Yesterday I received a text from Haley Ryan, the wife of the worship leader–Travis Ryan, in the church where Brandon plays guitar on Sunday mornings. She had been reading MOMS RAISING SONS TO BE MEN the night before. The particular story about Brandon winking at me from stage struck her “momma’s heart” as a mom of two little boys. As she looked up at Brandon on the stage, she saw Brandon’s precious new bride sitting in the front row. (That’s Jessy in the picture).

Haley’s text read: “This morning I’m sitting behind Jessy and she is in the front row just like you always were with Brandon. I’m sure he probably winked at her and I thought what a beautiful picture…How sweet to see him serving the Lord with the gifts that he began developing at a young age. And now with a godly wife sitting next to him. And then I thought all your hard work was worth it and it began with you first seeking Christ.”

Moms never forget you are raising a man. The foundation you carefully lay in his life will reap benefits when he is an adult. All your hard work and sacrifice now are building a lasting legacy in your son – in the way he will serve the Lord with His talents, and one day love his wife.

For insights to guide your son toward a no-regrets life from moms of – Luke Smallbone for King & Country, St. Augustine, Billy Graham, and many more great stories – read Rhonda’s book Moms Raising Sons to Be Men (Harvest House Publishers).

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