5 Wrong Outlets for Divulging Your Marriage Problems

“OMG if my husband forgets to put gas in the car one more time I’m gonna scream!”

“Girl, I know exactly what you mean. My husband is so forgetful. The other day I had to ask him three times to take out the trash!”

“Oh, you think that’s bad? Listen to this…”

Am I the only one who feels like a Peeping Tom when people divulge all of their frustration with their spouse on social media?

We have come a long way from Ethel listening in to the neighbor’s conversation on their party-line ––or have we?

Whenever you find yourself frustrated with your spouse, venting is a natural response. But to where do you vent?

In this age of oversharing, it’s often confusing to know the best way to talk through relationship struggles. So let’s first ponder five wrong outlets for divulging your marriage problems…

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