7 Insights to Help Your Kids Follow God’s Plan for Their Lives By Rhonda Stoppe

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7 Insights to Help Your Kids Follow God's Plan

7 Insights to Help Your Kids Follow God’s Plan for their Lives

You know God has a plan for your kid’s lives. You believe it to be true, and yet, do you really live in the reality that God Most High is intimately involved in guiding you–and your children to live out His plan for their lives?

As a young mother, I had to learn to trust God to work out His plan in my children’s lives–according to His ways, not my own. And the best way to train my children to follow God’s plan for their lives was to teach them from the Bible how very much God is involved in the lives of those who are His children.

The first insight I wanted my kids to have is that God loves them dearly. Teaching your kids how much God values them–so much so that He sent His Son to purchase them with His blood–is greater than any treasure this world can offer.

And teaching your children that God has a specific purpose for their lives is key to helping them become all God plans for them to be in their generation.

As an architect of the next generation, it is your job to help your kids understand how very much involved the Lord is in helping them accomplish what He put them on earth to do.

May you never become complacent to a God who knows you so intimately He prepared good works for you–and your kids–to walk in before the very foundations of the world!

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7 Insights to Help Your Kids Follow God’s Plan for Their Lives

By Rhonda Stoppe


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