Ebook: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Great Sex in Marriage

Ebook: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Great Sex in Marriage By Rhonda Stoppe

Imagine if you had your own PERSONAL MENTOR to help you learn to enjoy sex in your marriage bed…Rhonda Stoppe is that mentor! With her honest, fun-loving manner, and from a biblical perspective in this short–to the point–book, you will feel as though Rhonda is sitting across from you over a cup of coffee to help you learn the secret to becoming the lover you had hoped you would be on the day you said “I do”.

 Learning to enjoy sex with your man from the PRACTICAL insights in this book can help you:

  • Discover ways to delight in sex in your marriage bed
  • Find victory over whatever holds you back from enjoying sex with your husband
  • Transform the intimacy you experience in your marriage relationship
  • Build a NO REGRETS MARRIAGE that others will want to emulate
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