Ebook: I Sleep With the Pastor

Ebook: I Sleep With the Pastor-A Devotional for the Minister to the Minister by Rhonda Stoppe

A Personal Mentor for the Minister to the Minister

A Personal Mentor for the Minister to the Minister

Rhonda Stoppe has been a pastor’s wife for over 20 years, so she gets it! IMAGINE if you had your own PERSONA MENTOR to help you in this unique ministry to which God has called you! I SLEEP WITH THE PASTOR is just that…a personal friend who understands the joys and conflicts of being a ministry marriage––and raising ministry kids! This book is broken up into 52 weeks of devotionals, as Rhonda encourages the reader to take some time the day before her congregation meets to get her heart right with the Lord, her husband, her children and with the people to whom she ministers.

This book will:

  • Be a PERSONAL MENTOR to you in your unique ministry
  • Help you break free from PEOPLE PLEASING
  • Help you raise ministry kids with NO REGRETS
  • Show you how to build a NO REGRETS MARRIAGE

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