If My Husband Would Change I’d be Happy-and Other Myths Wives Believe



I love LOVE STORIES don’t you? In If My Husband Would Change I’d Be Happy I laughed and I cried as I wrote about the love stories of people like: Charles & Susanna Spurgeon, Priscilla & Aquila, as well as what historians observed about the deep love between The Apostle Peter and his wife. And I am confident I shared way too many intimate details about my own marriage with the love-of-my-life Steve Stoppe! (You’re gonna learn so much about how men think from Steve as he wrote at the end of each chapter a section called: From a Husband’s Perspective)

Imagine if you had your own PERSONAL MARRIAGE MENTOR…That’s what you will find as you and I walk together through the pages of this book and you will:

  • Discover the secret to building a NO REGRETS marriage
  • Be inspired to learn how your love is the light that God wants to shine brightly to draw others to Christ – beginning with your own children
  • Realize what sex really means to your man
  • Learn how to become the wife you meant to be on the day you said “I do”
  • Find out where true happiness lies

Let’s get started shall we? But I’ll warn you, it’s gonna be hard to put it down once you begin reading! ~Rhonda

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AT THE END OF EACH CHAPTER you will find a prompt to listen to these suggested links:

CHAPTER 1AUDIO with Rhonda: Old Faithful

LOVE SONG: Broken Together – Casting Crowns

CHAPTER 2AUDIO with Rhonda: David and Michal’s Story

EBOOK: I Sleep With the Pastor-A Devotional for the Minister to the Minister by Rhonda Stoppe (separate purchase) 

A Personal Mentor for the Minister to the Minister IMAGINE if you had your own PERSONAL MENTOR to help you in this unique ministry to which God has called you! I SLEEP WITH THE PASTOR is just that…a personal friend who understands the joys and conflicts of being a ministry marriage––and raising ministry kids!

This book is broken up into 52 weeks of devotionals, as Rhonda encourages the reader to take some time the day before her congregation meets to get her heart right with the Lord, her husband, her children and with the people to whom she ministers. Read more…


CHAPTER 3 – AUDIO with Rhonda: Staying in Love

CHAPTER 4  AUDIO with Rhonda: Your Marriage, A Light to Your Kids

CHAPTER 5 – AUDIO with Rhonda: The Grass is NOT Greener

LOVE SONG: Walking Her Home By Mark Schultz

CHAPTER 6 – AUDIO with Rhonda: Finding Your Worth

LOVE SONG: If You Could See What I See Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman

CHAPTER 7 – AUDIO with Rhonda: What Sex Means to Him

CHAPTER 8AUDIO with Rhonda: Cute Cottage or Shabby Shack?

CHAPTER 9AUDIO with Rhonda: Too Busy to Build a No Regrets Marriage?

Article: The Midlife Wife By Rhonda Stoppe

CHAPTER 10AUDIO with Rhonda: Joy is Strength–so LOL!

Every Breath Every BeatLOVE SONG: Your Word by Nathan Gardner

*Nathan Gardner wrote Your Word after the heartbreaking news that his wife would #miscarry their baby, and a month later our daughter, Kayla and her husband were told the baby she was carrying had died…and before Kayla miscarried her baby, our eldest daughter gave birth to our granddaughter who was born with birth defects. Throughout these heartbreaking experiences I was posting online Scripture verses I had memorized from Psalm 119. It is from these posts that Nathan wrote the lyrics of this song. The SCRIPTURE contained in the lyrics of this song will to soothe a broken heart, and/or prepare you for the day when life just doesn’t work out the way you had planned. (Please share this song with one you know who needs this encouragement.)
~Rhonda Stoppe

CHAPTER 11 – AUDIO with Rhonda: The Secret to Happiness

CHAPTER 12AUDIO with Rhonda: Mr. & Mrs. Apostle Peter’s Story

Ebook: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Great Sex in Marriage by Rhonda Stoppe (separate purchase)

A Christian Woman's Guide to GREAT SEX in Marriage By Rhonda StoppeImagine if you had your own PERSONAL MENTOR to help you learn to enjoy sex in your marriage bed…Rhonda Stoppe is that mentor! With her honest, fun-loving manner, and from a biblical perspective in this short–to the point–book, you will feel as though Rhonda is sitting across from you over a cup of coffee to help you learn the secret to becoming the lover you had hoped you would be on the day you said “I do.”

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“Need help with your marriage? In this insightful and solid book Rhonda Stoppe gives wives real help!”
–Elizabeth George, Best selling author of A Woman After God’s Own Heart

“This terrific book (is) for everyone who wants to be content and happy in her marriage but just may not know how.”
–Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher and best-selling author of For Women Only

“Rhonda Stoppe debunks misleading myths with grace, humor, and candor and leaves you with hope that your marriage can become more than the stuff of your dreams: it can be the handiwork of God.”
Dr. Richard Blackaby, The Seasons of God, Customized Parenting in a Trending World

“If finding your “Happily Ever After” is not turning out as expected you’ve been shattered by your not-so-perfect Prince Charming, then Rhonda Stoppe is the fairy godmother who will point you in the right direction for a Happy Ending made in the Kingdom of Heaven!”
–Angela Rose, Founder – TheLaundryMoms.com

“I loved this book. Read it only if you dare to be inspired to better your marriage–a must read!”
–Carmen Whittaker, wife of Fermin Whittaker, Executive Director California Southern Baptist Convention

“I just loved reading this book! Stoppe delivers a life-changing message of the powerful ministry of a Christ-centered marriage.”
–Erica Galindo, Founder, CEO, and Editorial Director SonomaChristianHome.com

“Through fun, conversational, story-telling and biblical insights, Stoppe reveals where true joy originates and the secret of becoming your husband’s best friend. BRAVO!”
Julie Gorman, Author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Men and Co-Author of What I Wish My Mother Had Told Me About Marriage

“Rhonda and Steve Stoppe…are the most grounded in the Bible people (we) have ever met…an amazing example how God intended a married couple to live.”
–Josh Berry, President LabeLive

“Rhonda Stoppe makes me want to be a better wife”
–Joy Lucius, Journalist with AFA Journal and author The Dandelion Trail

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