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Moms Raising Sons to be Men

“Sure to empower moms seeking to raise their sons to reflect Christ’s character.”

-John Fuller, Vice President, Focus on the Family

“While the whole book is a blessing, I believe that Part 3, ‘Even If’ will wash over the hearts and souls of many.”

—Ed Gossien, Chief Ministry Officer at AWANA

Bringing up boys isn’t for the faint of heart, but bestselling author Rhonda Stoppe has been there before—and she’s here to help! Drawing on insights from fellow boy-moms and from Scripture, Rhonda reveals why walking with Christ is every mom’s key to parenting well.

You’ll discover how motherhood gives you unique opportunities to grow in faith as you draw nearer to God through prayer, Bible study, and mentorship from godly women. You’ll also find practical advice for shaping your son in character and faith as you encourage his passions, teach him biblical masculinity, and protect his spirit without smothering his individuality.

Your success as a mother doesn’t depend on what your son does with his life, but on how you obey God’s guidance on this mission of motherhood. Moms Raising Sons to Be Men provides the biblical hope, wisdom, and encouragement you need to help your son live a life without regrets!

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Expert Reviews

“Rhonda Stoppe’s commitment to Christ and Scripture enthralls me. In this book she practically helps moms learn the secrets to guiding their sons with love and respect.”

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs,
author, founder and president of Love and Respect Ministries


Expert Reviews

“How can a mother nurture her son in our floundering world where men of integrity are in short supply? What hope is there for single moms and broken homes in our alien society? With expertise and compassion, Rhonda Stoppe guides readers through biblical truths and commonsense solutions to assure it can be done. Meaningful manhood, she writes, begins with a discerning, dedicated mother. Here is a book every boy’s mom needs.”

Jeanne Hendricks,
author, wife of the late Howard G. Hendricks (professor of Dallas Theological Seminary)


Expert Reviews

“There’s no question that our culture has muddied the waters and sown great confusion about manhood. Rhonda Stoppe’s clear, wise, and scripturally grounded perspective and advice are sure to empower moms seeking to raise their sons to reflect Christ’s character and further His kingdom.”

John Fuller,
vice president of Focus on the Family


Amazon Reviews

Moms Raising Sons to Be Men is a must-read for moms! It has so many helpful tips and encouraging words that I could not put it down. You do not have to be a mom of boys to enjoy this book, any mom will learn from these pages. You will laugh at some of the authors’ stories but more importantly you will discover ways to be a better mom to your children. The goal of directing your son to a Godly life is not impossible and this book is a great place to get some direction!

Praise for Moms Raising Sons

Matthew West

5-time Dove Award nominated Christian recording artist


Moms Raising Sons to Be Men offers great advice for mothers to raise their sons to be men who can affect generations to come. Rhonda has a solid understanding of what the Bible says about mothers and sons, and she uses real-life examples and a tell-it-like-it-is style of wisdom that is needed for this day and age.”

Phil Joel

Songwriter and founder of deliberatePeople Ministries


Moms Raising Sons to Be Men parallels parenting itself––humorous, eye-opening, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. It’s a must for any mother who understands the incredible influence she has on her son(s), and who desires to be a faithful steward of this privileged task while having some fun along the way. The insights Rhonda shares by using the blueprint of God’s Word are a gift that will inspire a new generation of world-changing mothers.”

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