How Can a Mom Launch Her Son Well?

Carlette Christmas interviews Rhonda Stoppe

On Point Talk TV with the Amazing Host: Carlette Christmas Interviews: Rhonda Stoppe – No Regrets Woman regarding the release of her NEW Audio book: Moms Raising Sons to Be Men

  • What is the ONE thing you want moms to Know?
  • What you learned from mentors that helped you guide your kids toward no regrets lives?
  • Why shouldn’t we raise kids for what people think of us?
  • Sage advice to help moms influence the culture through motherhood
  • How can our failures be our greatest teachers?
  • What do you say to mothers of adult children who fail to launch?
  • What advice do you offer to Single Moms?
  • How to help your son reach the coming of age experience to launch well into adulthood?
  • How should a mother relate to her married son and his wife?
  • From your experience as an adoptive mother, what advice can you give to adoptive moms?

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Rhonda Stoppe, author of Moms Raising Sons to be Men shares about the special calling moms of boys have to shape them into future men of God. This book is filled with help from parenting experts and other moms that will help a woman partner with God as they shape the character and hearts of future Godly men.

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