How to be the Parent You Meant to Be
By Rhonda Stoppe
1. Don’t raise your kids for what others think of you. The Bible says God created us for His glory. Glory speaks of reflecting His character. God wants us to live so others will see His character and be drawn to Him.
Without realizing it, parents become glory stealers when they focus on raising kids for what others think of them, rather than on God’s best for their children. Looking to establish your worth in your relationship with Christ, rather than in how others view you as a parent will set you free from people pleasing because
People pleasing isn’t pleasing to God.
2. Have a clear idea of the kind of person God calls your child to be. Ask God for wisdom to guide your child toward God’s plan for him. While training your child to work hard and display godly character are important goals, remember Jesus said the priority of life is, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength” (Mark 12:30).
Your goal is not to raise successful kids, rather, according to Jesus, your job is to guide them to love God with all of their beings. The only way to do that is if they see you living a sold out, loving relationship with Christ. If you want to guide your children toward God’s ultimate priority of life, let it begin with you. Jesus said the student will become like his teacher (see Luke 6:40).
3. Learn to talk so your kids listen, and listen so they talk. Communication is key to directing your child’s heart, so how can you establish good communication with your kids? First, while your children are little, put down your phone and look them in the eye when you give them instructions or when they talk to you.
While it’s tempting to stay focused on whatever has captured your attention, understand:
Your child is not an imposition upon your ministry; HE IS YOUR MINISTRY… Read the whole article here:  ChristianParenting .org
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