Learning from Others’ Mistakes

“…If you keep your gaze fixed on the affairs of life, you will ride a roller coaster of emotions. Elation, fear, and all the feelings in between may cause you to respond without depending on God and fully considering the consequences. 

When you focus on God, who is the only one who knows the times and seasons, you will develop a peaceful confidence no matter what happens. The more disciplined you are in fixing your eyes on Jesus, the more the Lord will teach you to rest in His sovereignty over life’s events. And when your child observes your calm assurance in Christ, he will learn—from your example—how to trust the Lord in all the circumstances of his life…”

…People view the world as a place to get ahead, and that way of thinking guides how they respond to situations.

Your child is growing up among peers who have been taught they are justified in doing whatever is necessary to gain what they feel they are entitled to. If you are going to raise children who will have a positive influence on the integrity of his generation, it must begin with you. It is vital you teach your son by example—right is right no matter what the cost.

As a mother, you exert a tremendous amount of influence on how your child will grow up. If you determine to raises your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, you will have a profound influence on a new generation––isn’t that exciting?

What might our world look like if mothers took seriously their call to instill godly principles and values into their child’s character? How differently might your children influence tomorrow’s events if you commit to raising them with strong moral qualities? With your words and actions, will you answer that call?*

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*Excerpt from Rhonda’s Book: Moms Raising Sons to Be Men


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