Repeat after me…People pleasing isn’t pleasing. Am I the only one who struggles with the propensity to please others? We tell ourselves, you can’t please all the people all the time. Yet those of us, who tend to look for security in the affirmation of others, know how easily we are distracted when someone expresses their dissatisfaction with our performance.

As mothers there is a tendency to raise our children for the approval of others. Which in reality is an attempt to glorify ourselves. But when we do that we miss the opportunity to raise our kids for the glory of the Lord.

Over the years I have learned the way to victory over the idolatry of people pleasing is to:

  • Agree with God that He is the only One I am to please
  • Repent when I become obsessed with pleasing others rather than pleasing Christ
  • Sanctify my thoughts with Scripture
  • Worship the Lord and glorify Him
  • Fellowship with others who remind me to live to please Christ

If you struggle with pleasing others, drawing near to your Savior is the key to breaking free. As you mature in your walk with Christ, and learn to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, you will find that pleasing Him is all that matters.

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