Rekindling Your Passion for Christ: A Powerful Guide

Ever recall the days when your passion for Christ was the essence of your being? When life’s demands hadn’t yet extinguished your once blazing passion? Do you yearn to rekindle that intimate bond with Christ? Let’s dive into this powerful article, designed to guide you back to that place of zeal.

Ponder that time when Jesus was the center of your universe, your closest companion. Perhaps it was just after your conversion or following a women’s retreat. We often make commitments to pursue Jesus passionately, but life tends to interrupt.
Remember the Apostle Peter? Even he, who shared a deep bond with Jesus, put his foot in his mouth. When Jesus prophesied his own death, Peter vehemently denied it. Yet, Jesus rebuked him, reminding him that Satan wished to sift him like wheat.
Sometimes, our own failures and shortcomings break our pride, reminding us of God’s grace for the humble. I find comfort in the knowledge that after his resurrection, Jesus sought out his disciples and Peter, who was hiding. He went after him again even when Peter had retreated to what he knew best – fishing.
Failures can lead us back to our comfort zones, just as Peter, an expert fisherman, went back to where he had once found success – in his boat. But Jesus wouldn’t leave Peter to pursue worldly success. Rather, Jesus went to where Peter was casting his nets in the sea. When Peter saw Jesus on the shore, he didn’t hesitate to swim towards him.
Often, it’s after we stumble that we humbly realize we can’t navigate the Christian life independently. This in turn causes us to draw near to Jesus as our only hope to live in a manner worthy of our calling.
Dealing with disappointment and regret can be challenging, especially when we fail to meet others’ expectations. Even now, I am personally wrestling with my own regret over how I’ve not measured up to someone’s expectations. We’ve all been there, right?
But Peter’s story teaches us that even in our failures, there’s room for growth and humility. Let’s delve into some practical ways that you and I can rekindle the passion in our relationship with Christ:
  1. Find Solitude with God: Seek Him earnestly and sincerely. He is closer than you think. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you.
  2. Read Bible Stories: Spend time in the word. Read familiar Bible stories, focusing not just on the human actions, but on God’s ways and His works. This practice will grow your love for God.
  3. Pen Down Psalms: Write down and meditate on Psalms like Psalm 119. Pray it back to the Lord and let it soak into your heart and mind.
  4. Learn God’s Names: Understand the different aspects of God’s character through His names. He is Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides, and Elroi, the God who sees.
  5. Read Biographies: Immerse yourself in the stories of those who followed Jesus closely. Learn from their experiences and see God’s character revealed in them. This practice will develop a deep trust in The Lord – even when life doesn’t make sense.
  6. Ask God for Help: You’re not alone in this journey. Ask God for help. He is always ready to assist those who seek Him. I remember the day I admitted to the Lord that I had no idea how to love Him the way He wants me to. Once I asked Jesus to help me I began to see real growth. And I’m confident the Lord can do the same for you too.
  7. Persevere: Never give up. Continue to draw near to God. Seek His kingdom and His righteousness. Press on towards the goal of Christ Jesus, just like Apostle Paul did.
By spending time alone with God, immersing yourself in His word, seeking Him earnestly, and learning more about Him, you can rekindle your passion for Christ. And by all means, ask God for help and surround yourself with fellow believers who share your zeal.
If you are fellowshipping with apathetic, status-quo, whatever Christians you’re most likely going to be status-quo apathetic and whatever and think that’s the normal Christian life. It’s not!

After his failure, the Apostle Peter continued to fellowship with the other disciples. Together they would find courage and comfort as they grieved the death of their Savior.

In the end, Peter became a man filled with passion for Christ. Peter had once denied Christ, but later he became a powerhouse for the gospel and Christ’s church. And history reveals that The Apostle Peter did not fail when his life was put on the line for the sake of the gospel. He stayed true because he was filled with the Holy Spirit, while drawing near to Christ.

From my book, Real Life Romance, one of the best love stories in all of that book full of love stories is the Apostle Peter and his wife. Consider the way that their story ends from this excerpt written by Eusebius, a well learned Roman historian. He said:

“The blessed Peter, seeing his own wife led away to execution, was delighted on account of her calling and return to her country. That he cried out to her in a consolatory and encouraging voice addressing her by no by name. Oh, thou remember the Lord. Such was the marriage of these blessed ones.”

To rekindle your zeal for Christ, follow Peter’s example. And remember, to reignite your passion for Christ, you need to spend time alone with God, immerse yourself in His word, seek Him with all your heart, learn His names, read inspiring biographies, ask for His help, fellowship with passionate Christ followers and most importantly, never give up. Press on to make it your own because Christ Jesus has made you His own!

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