BECOMING THE COUPLE YOU LONG TO BE – Girls Talking Life Episode #70

Rhonda Stoppe shares the secrets she’s learned over 40 years of marriage to her life-long-love.

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EPISODE #70 GIRLS TALKING LIFE: Today I’m talking with Rhonda Stoppe, the No Regrets Woman, all about marriage and becoming the couple you long to be. Rhonda shares her own love story and invites us to remember what romance was like with our husbands before we were married. She says we need to remember that feeling and then keep working to rekindle it.

Rhonda talks about what she did when her marriage wasn’t what she thought it would be. She says the number one marriage trouble is unmet expectations. We chat about resentment and unforgiveness, and how if these sins are in our lives, we need to acknowledge and repent of them regardless of what our husbands are doing. Rhonda says, “it has to begin with you.”

Rhonda tells us that we have to teach our husbands how to love us and what we need in our current season, and she explains how powerful it is when we pursue intimacy with our husbands.

Rhonda Stoppe is a popular speaker and author who fervently imparts the truth of God’s Word to her audience. She is an enthusiastic communicator who unfolds Scripture with a contagious passion for truth as she teaches women to connect with God in an intimate “love walk” of obedience and to live deliberately in their purpose. She and her pastor husband, Steve, are the grateful parents of four grown kids.


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