The Voice in Your Head… How to Lose the Script Your Parents Gave You by Rhonda Stoppe

Why is it that the voice in our heads can make or break us?

For some, like Carl, hurtful scripts can be crushing. For others, if their parents spoke words of affirmation there’s a good chance they felt loved and appreciated, maybe too appreciated.

Parents can give their kids an overinflated ego if their compliments aren’t coupled with wisdom.

What About You?

Were your parents absent or neglectful? Like Carl’s parents, did their words beat you down? Or perhaps your parents uplifted you to the point of arrogance while pushing you toward perfection. Here are some common scripts with which people struggle:

-You’ll never amount to anything
-You’re smart so you must push to perfection
-You need a man to make you feel valued
-You are an independent woman you don’t need to rely on a man
-Do whatever it takes to win
-Never trust a woman
-Getting rich is the key to success
-Don’t even try because you’ll fail anyway

What’s the voice in your head?

What script do you play over and over that influences your worldview and self-perception?

Finding your identity in the voice in your head can be troublesome if it wasn’t grounded in God’s wisdom and love. But, what can you do about it? How can you lose the script your parents gave you and replace it with right thinking? Let’s unpack this shall we?

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