In today’s episode of Walk it out With host Tricia Goyer, we’re chatting with Rhonda Stoppe.

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Tricia says: I appreciate so much what Rhonda has to say about love in this upcoming interview. Love doesn’t start in our hearts, it starts in our minds. It’s choosing to love even when things aren’t lovely.

When we were first dating or married our spouse it’s easy to think about all the good things that we love about the person. But as the years pass, it becomes easier to think about all the negative things, and this is where love and romance breaks down.

I love this interview so much that I went back and listened to it more than once, just to be encouraged. I know you will enjoy this too!

I hope you enjoy today’s chat with Rhonda Stoppe. You can listen here or on iTunes! I’d love it if you shared with your friends!

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